2016 was our inaugural year and we were pleased to present you with ontario's first wine symposium and fair that is dedicated solely to organic, biodynamic, and low intervention wines from canada and around the world.

this year wines by nature 2018 will be held at the horticulture building at lansdowne park.

the purpose of wines by nature is to promote sustainable farming practices and wine making, showcasing producers from canada and the world who share this philosophy of environmental stewardship and quality craftsmanship in their wines. we are proud to showcase wines by independent small growers who are making wines that are of great quality and flavour while staying true to low intervention wine making, environmental stewardship, and sustainable farming. we are happy to be working with local wine makers from ontario who are taking care of our agricultural lands and showing that great wines can be made while respecting the environment, as well as the many wine agencies that are representing farmers and winemakers from around the world with the same philosophies and making them available here in canada.


Alex mcmahon & eric romolock